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So here’s a better post about what’s happening up here.

Our not-so-great, not-so-devoted mayor, who is most famous for smoking crack and saying stupid things, and whose name has come up in a murder investigation, is refusing to declare a state of emergency because that would default all power to our deputy mayor, as per a bill passed in our city council about a month ago.

We have two hospitals without power, and one trauma centre. A lot of care and nursing facilities are also without power.

We have no streetcars running and about half of our subway line is out as well.

Most of our streets are covered in a layer of ice - there are photos of people skating down streets. On ice skates.

This is being hailed as the worst storm to hit Toronto, and we’re usually pretty honest about that kind of thing because we all usually remember the “worst” anything weather-related that happens here because we’re setting new records all the time.

If you know people in Toronto or the surrounding area, PLEASE call them and give them the tips listed up there ^ (though most of them are common sense). Let them know that there are warming stations throughout the hardest-hit areas. I believe they can call 311 to find out where - the list up above was accurate as of 2:56PM EST on Sunday Dec. 22. The warming stations are able to provide food, heat and power though people should expect the list to change as the situation worsens.

I’m at the point now where I have to either change my ways or lose one of the most important people in my life. change, is always good. so change it is. 

25 Days of Gifmas
Day Nine
: Home Alone


All good things here


… on We Heart It


Beyonce ft. Jay-z ‘Drunk Love’



This is Jazmine Sullivan when she was 11… ELEVEN!

We got poor souls living their lives and not liking her because they dont like her voice

I was really upset when she decided to leave the music industry, but I understand why she did. It’s downright criminal that such a vocal powerhouse is given such shitty material & shitty promotion. Maybe it’s a sign of my age, but these lil new “artists” ain’t shit but glorified karaoke queens compared to this. 

this is just everything i can't say...

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